These Past Weeks

February 26, 2010
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The darkness envelops me, my mind goes blank,
When you left, I was hit by a tank.
So many tears have splashed on this floor,
So many memories of my life before.
I fall asleep through sadness and slip in a dream,
They are all nightmares to me they seem.
All I can see is your back as you walk away,
I’m standing there watching with nothing to say.
Then I wake, shaking and cold,
I look to my side, no one to hold.
Then the tears flow yet again down my cheeks,
It’s been so hard without you these past weeks.
I walk to the fridge and pour a glass,
Once again, cause of depression I skip class.
I just sit at home all alone,
Cause you left me to live here on my own.
No words can ever tell or explain to you,
That loving you is all I’m built to do.
My heart pounds me to sleep and muffles my cries,
Every day, a little more my heart dies.
As you read this, know that I’m still here,
Hopelessly waiting for the day you appear.

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