Only Forever

February 23, 2010
I Hold You Daddy
All You Do Is Cry
I tell You I love You Daddy
All you do is stare
I wipe Your Tears Daddy
All you do is Breathe
I Keep you warm Daddy
All You do is Shiver
I Watch your skin turn Pale Daddy
Help Me

I see a Light
I say Good bye Daddy
I wish you could see me
I will miss you Daddy
I see you leave
I dont understand Daddy
Help Me

You Dissapear
All I see Is the Dust you Left Behind
Where did you go
I am ill Daddy
Help Me

I fall Limp Daddy and
All you do Is Hold me
While I cry
All You do is Say you love me Daddy
While I stare at you
You Wipe My tears Daddy
But all I can do is Breathe
You watch me fade Daddy
Help Me

I Go to the Light
I will miss you Daddy
But I will remeber you
Only Forever

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