February 23, 2010
By mynameis GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
mynameis GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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Sun shining through the trees
I bask in the little glow
Curled up like a cat
on the cool floor of the meadow.
I breathe in slowly soaking it all in
As I watch the little flecks of light
Dance with all the creatures
Filling everything with light
Everything is perfect…. Blissful almost
…. Except for that drip…drip
Of rain on my back…
It’s confusing; why is it only
Raining right above me…
At least I think its rain…
it’s sort of sticky

Drip . Drip . Drip

( a faint voice ) Alicia Run! Run!
What are you doing!?!
Alicia get up….

I cant help but smile
The sun is just too lovely
All the creature take in its glory
A warm breeze just brushes against my arm
As the skys opened up and started to rain,
But the sun still shines
I lifted up my arms
to absorb the revitalizing beads
…. Why are they sticky

(faint voice) Alicia get up! Come on please wake up ……please
Alicia can you hear me…. ALICIA!!

I look down for the first time,
to observe
the flowers soak in the rain
But as quickly as I had looked,
I saw something… I didn’t seem right
What’s wrong with the rain!

“Alicia??” ( I heard him whispers to someone else)
“It’s time to wake up now”
( I heard muffled moans, heard from behind them)
My eyes open
Oh no!!! … no…. No …. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

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