Tug of War

February 23, 2010
By CookieCrumbs BRONZE, Regina, Other
CookieCrumbs BRONZE, Regina, Other
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These things, pulling on each side, two totally different forces,
My feelings hit the ground running, like a pack of wild horses,
I would pull away if only I knew how,
My heart flutters; my confidence straightens and takes a bow,

Tornadoes spin around me, confusing me too,
I just wish I knew how to deal with you,
You’ll never know just what I feel,
But I stay quiet, because I know that it’s not real.

We were there once, that great and wonderful place,
Where every movement was filled with wonder and grace,
But now it’s time to close that chapter, to let it go,
With each new day brings something new to show,

Although feelings may be hurt, hopefuls shot down,
New life and love is bound to come around,
Let the seasons pass, the snow cover it up,
Let the water of a new ocean fill up my cup,

The flowers will bloom, the sun will shine again,
Take a deep breath, smile and count to ten,
The earth will not shift, the sky will not fall,
Your heart will be there to pull you through it all.

The author's comments:
Hope you like it :)

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