A Endless Puzzle

February 23, 2010
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A Endless Puzzle

You have and will always be one of my pieces
The most important, the biggest, piece to my puzzle
I have always had pieces
But you’re the one whose put them all together
There will always be pieces but never missing pieces
We are a perfect puzzle
Onlookers envy what I have which is you
I Have so many memories but you mom are what I call my beautiful memory
Your not even possible to forget, your that part of my life that I love
You’re my best friend
You know everything I feel and know my every weakness and the problems I’ve dealt
You understand my wonders and listen to my dreams
You listen to how I feel about life and love
Always have been there for me and shown tremendous care
Not once have you ever interrupted me, or told me I was ever wrong.
You always have and will understand what I go through
I reach out to you to show you that I will always care
But I pull you close to let you know how much I need you there
I go in for your hands to pull you in a bit nearer realizing you have never once let go of my hand but because your one of the strongest women in the world, with your other hand you were putting the pieces of the endless puzzle together.
Making us inseparable
I Love You

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