When You Come Home

February 23, 2010
Let me set things straight
I have never lied,
I have never gave you an attitude
But now you’re telling me goodbye.
You say it’s only short term
But it seems like forever,
It seems like it was yesterday
When you said “I’ll never had her.”
Joking on the phone
And texting late at night,
But tensions are high
Assertive jokes leads into fights.
I know you want to go to Georgia
And be a privy in the National Guard,
You say it’s for the better
I say it’s too far.
You know I can’t sleep
Because I am worried about you,
But that’s not the half of it
If you only knew…..
Let’s go into a time machine
And look into the past,
Remember the good times
Remember our conversations overfilled with laughs.
I have to tell you
That I still do care,
You’re not cold and shivering
Your heart is not bare.
When you leave in the end of March
Think about me,
When you come home in August
Come and see me.
You know my little secret?
I did as you said,
I wouldn’t hurt you on purpose
You’re a friend I haven’t had.
When we get to March
And you’re ready to leave,
Get on the plane
And dream of me.
And when it is August
And you’re coming back,
I’ll be at the airport
Once again talking crap.
And you’ll be on the phone once more
I’ll be on the other end,
Because you’re another person
Who taught me what a friend is.

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