Such a Smart Kid

February 21, 2010
By , River Forest, IL
"Oh, she was such a smart kid," her mother sighs once again looking at her daughters F's, and if she's lucky maybe a D.
She rolls her eyes, as that line is way overplayed.
Sick of hearing about her childhood accomplishments, and how she was such a happy child, she slams her door shut looking at the stack of homework piled on her bed.
She shoves it to the ground, and before she can stop it, the scissors come out.
She presses the cold metal to her skin and watches as the blood trickles out slowly.
She hears her mother banging on her door yelling, "You're such a disappointment!"
Her mother's two favorite lines play in her head: "such a smart kid" and "a disappointment."
Which one is she?
Would such a smart kid risk bleeding to death by choice?
Would such a smart kid take off her pants for any guy who wants it?
Would such a smart kid skip school to get high by the tree?
Would such a smart kid lie to her parents about everything she does?
Would such a smart kid fail every class, simply because she's too lazy?
The answer's no.
Because the smart kid was in the past.
And a disappointment is all thats left.

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