Erase... Me

February 20, 2010
I see Flaws
in everything.
Especially in me.
My friend pointed it out
that I do point out
only the bad things.
And he is right.
I point out the
flaws because they
make me see
that its not only me
who has flaws.
I want to be perfect.
I strive for it.
Because I want to
be beautiful.
I want you to
remember me.
To think of me.
But do you?
Do you remember me
at random times?
Do you tell stories
about things we did
I want to matter.
I want to be missed.
And it scares me to know
that I dont.
So i escape.
In music.
In acting.
It's how I get away.
if somethings not perfect,
say a hood is inside out,
I fix it.
But if I could fix
all my flaws,
Erase them away,

I would be gone.

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