Jumble Mind Jumble Mess

February 19, 2010
By , Weston, MO
A jumbled mess
Really my mind
Everything running together
Times are hard, sad,
Time of chaos
Life is just being thrown around
In circles all around me
Everywhere I turn
Another thing happens
Another thing goes wrong
We ask
Why me
Why is this happeningp
That jumbled mindpo
In times we need someone
To say “I’ll help you”
Or maybe “I love you”
I bend my knees I bow my head
And I realize
This is what I’ve been looking for
Not just someone
But my Savior, the King of Kings
The person who loves me
For whom I am
When times are good
And when times are bad
I’m on my knees
Just crying out to the person I need
He has been there
The whole time
With his arms reached out
Just waiting for me
I didn’t need to turn to a friend
I just need to turn and take a step
Turn to God and pray
My Savior my best friend
The person I need
He is always there.

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