My Everything

February 19, 2010
From what I’ve learned
Life isn’t always full of love.
It’s built on loss, too.
I can picture when I was thirteen.
Meeting you was only the beginning.
As you held my hand, we walked through the meadow together.
We sat down, flowers all around us.
You touched my cheek; the warmth of your finger tips calmed me.
I looked up into your eyes, and what I saw in them was love-
true everlasting love.
That will hold me forever.
I thought the day would never come, when you left this world.
I was there by your bedside for days, holding your hand, squeezing it to see if you would squeeze back.
When the day finally came, I wasn’t your anymore.
You were a little piece of heaven, the blue sky, the wind that plays with my hair every now and then.
The truth about love is that there’s never a happy ending.
When my time comes, it will be the happy ending that no one sees.
I know I’ll see you sometime in the future, and I don’t know when that is.
But I just wanted you to know.
That you are still my everything.

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