The Tree and The Stronghold

February 18, 2010
By Anonymous

I cling to my addiction
It's like a mighty tree
parties, drugs, shots and sex
Things I know aren't good for me

I'm dangling from this branch
desperately clinging tight
you stand below me ready
but I fear taking flight

My heart knows you'll catch me
my head fears being dropped
this constant fight's inside of me
I know it must be stopped

If I let go of this
will I fall into steady arms
arms that will love me
and protect me from harm

You see I can't let go of this
so You begin to climb my tree
You're climbing it in love
The love you have for me

and when you've reached my branch
and stretch out that willing hand
this time I will take it
because now I know I can

Soon You've burned down my tree
and I am in Your arms
they're like a mighty stronghold
protecting me from harm

I know that if I stay here
You'll nurse all my wounds
with Your help there'll be no tree
This love's my endless boon

The author's comments:
This I wrote after attending an AA meeting to see what went on there.

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