I'm tried

February 18, 2010
I’m tired of it
I’m tired people talking about the same thing

The environment
How it’s getting worse but no one is doing anything
That we need to stop talking and act
Get a hybrid car
Al Gore
I’m sick of it

Drugs and alcohol
People saying how bad they are
Don’t do that because it’s bad for you
Please stop it’s not good for you
I’m tired of it
We have been told enough times
And if they don’t get it by now
Then they never will
So please stop saying it

Wait till your married
It’s the right thing to do
You could get STD
In tired cause
We can make our own decisions

School stress
Oh no I won’t get a four oh
I have a B
I have a C
I am failing
I just failed that test
I’m tired of hearing your problems
Deal with them like I am

All these problems are played
They always come up
My ears are filled with them all day

Try and not talk about one of those
Or see how many times they come up
Make a tally
Here’s mine
Environment: 13
Drugs/Alcohol: 46
Sex: 38
School: 59

If you would be so kind
Please stop cause
I’m tired of it

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