Blue Moon Night

February 12, 2010
By utk_tom BRONZE, Varanasi, Other
utk_tom BRONZE, Varanasi, Other
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In the blue moon night I feel this passion in my heart,
To love you so much and I would never depart.

And when the light of the blue moon would fall on earth,
It would be then that a tree of our love would take birth.

Soft music playing and we would dance under this blue moon light,
And dancing with you I could spend this whole night.

When you say that you love me looking me in the eyes,
Our love would be justified by the northern lights of the skies.

And in the blue moon night when I hold you in my arms,
The nature would be bound in a spell and none can break this charm.

In the sky the stars would shower blue and white,
And this would take our love further to new heights.

Everything would be blurred around when I kiss you on your lips,
And we would be on cloud nine when we loose our grip.

The rays of the Sun would vanish the dew drops from the lily,
Why didn't I say before, that I love you I've been so silly.

"I ask you to stretch your hands towards the sky. The golden ring of the Sun would encircle your finger all round. With this I propose you to accept my love."

You accepted it said 'YES' with a smile on your face,
And suddenly it started to rain with a slow pace.

You then look into my eyes and come closer to me,
The moment was very joyful like a bird set free.

Due to rain,a Rose nearby blush open,
And a beautiful red color appears on its petals then.

"I pluck the Rose and give it to you as a sign of our love. And then I depart with the memories of this blue moon night, you standing there, holding the Rose with love in your eyes and waiting for my return............."

The author's comments:
A blue moon night is very rare. This work is about the beauty of a blue moon night and a night spent with my soulmate.

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