Not ready

February 11, 2010
What would you think, if you only knew.

Exactly how I feel about you.

All alone I could cry forever.

Sometimes I have to hold myself together.

Sometimes I don't wanna see you, but often your all that I see.

I ponder in my silence, can it ever be?

You're everywhere I look, even when I close my eyes.

What would you say, if you heard my hopes, my pleas, my cries?

My heart has died and is awaiting it's rebirth.

You will never love me. Even if we were the last two on earth.

I wish we could be like Romeo and Juliet.

These feelings for you I know I'll regret.

If you were to leave, never to return.

Simply for the essense of your being, I will yearn.

But I'm alright, don't you fret.

I'm just not ready to stop loving you yet.

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