February 4, 2010
Casually toss your hair
Skimming your shoulders


In springtime slush

Feet paddling through
Row row row your boat
I'm on board

Tell me what happened

Look around

Eyes darting hitting targets
Moving shots unsure
If you should proceed

How it was
And how it could have always been

Blaming me
But knowing it was equal parts
Your fault
And mine

Saying, "We fought,"
Like us
Swimming through a tangled sea
Jackets brushing shoulders
And I cry a little


My tears wet my stomach
Pink with worry

And hope

We fought
You fought
Unpreventable, unimportant

And I keep my mouth quiet
Swallow my words
They fill my
Pink stomach

I kick slush with my paddle
Wishing you would do one thing
Knowing it will never happen
Like red rabbits
Sparkly fedoras
That we once knew

And I flip you out
Of the boat

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