Journey to Heaven's Gate

February 10, 2010
By , Lee's Summit, MO
I sit here, entangled with fear
Will they find us today
Am I going to die
Or live another day

My heart beats with every second
I must not make a sound
I do not want to be caught
I do not want to be found

The stories give me nightmares
The camps and chambers scare me
I’m only a young, innocent child
With so much life to see

I want to go to school
And maybe get a job
Go to college or get married
Just giving my life for God

So every day, I hide my face
Afraid of cruel German men
I earn to breathe in fresh, crisp air
And be like other kids

I cry myself to sleep
Yet I am safe for now
My daddy tells me not to worry
But I tell him I don’t know how

Rain and darkness come the next day
The downpour comes down like stones
Then a harsh knock echoes in my ears
My life in hiding is not alone

My tears run down my check
And fall on the cold, barren floor
My mommy shakes with wretched sobs
As my daddy goes to open the door

Nazi soldiers burst in and scream at us
He orders us to get in a line
I choke and bubble with breathy gasps
The guard slaps me harshly because I cried

A soldier yanks me through the door
I’m too scared to move
My mommy fights to get away
A gun fines loudly as I leave the room

Two dull ‘thuds’ fall on the ground
I can’t hear my mommy anymore
Somehow I know that both are gone
My stomach quenches; my heart is torn

But I can’t cry out; I have to be strong
Even though I’m going to die
I’m going to a terrible camp
Without my mommy by my side

The soldiers come out with blood on their hands
Mommy and daddy aren’t there
They tell me to shut up and walk with them
They drag me away by the ends of my hair

My face dries hard because of my cries
I’m all alone with no reason to breathe
What have I done to deserve such a terrible fate
The only gift is death which I will gladly receive

The daze which I am in
Clouds my wandering mind
I’ve arrived to my forsaken grave
Where I will humbly die

One of the guards throws me on the ground
He spits on my face with a horrible smile
He tells me that I am a piece of trash
He laughs and says that I’ll be here for awhile

He shoves me with some other girls
And we are lead to a dark room
Pitiless German women shave our heads
My beautiful hair glistens on the floor by the moon

The nasty ladies then orders
That we must take off our clothes
We have to be dressed in dirty rags
Naked and bare, I feel so exposed

They take a razor needle out
And pen a number down with harm
Scarred forever, bronzed for life
Pain seethes through my tiny arm

Afterwards, I’m sent to the sleeping grounds
I see many girls cling to their mothers inside
They don’t even know how blessed they are
To have a mother still alive

I earn to feel my mommy’s arms around me
And feel her kiss across my cheek
To hear her say, “I love you”
And to hear her words when I am weak

I want to die, but I can’t
I will not let them down
I need to show them that I am tough
And do everything to stay around

Months go by, my hands hurt severely
The searing pain fills my soul
The work is too much for my little body
My days at this camp are coming to a close

The weeks grow longer and colder
My body aches with pain
I cough up mucus and blood
It steadily begins to rain

Like that day when they died
The sky darkens as the rain pounds
My hands stop working; they are frozen
I crawl nimbly toward the icy ground

A guard kicks me with anger
But I don’t even feel a thing
All I can think about is my parents
Who’ve been waiting patiently for me

A guard says that she’s too sick to move
She’s too ill to go the chambers
It’s much more reasonable to shoot her now
It’s better now than later

“It’s now! It’s time!” I silently cry
It’s finally time to go home
I’ll see my mommy, daddy, and Jesus
I will never again be all alone

Bang! The bullet pierces me
I am lying in a pool of blood
My breath shortens, I cannot move
I lie limply in the cold, hard mud

Oh mommy, you look so beautiful
Your white dress is so lovely and pure
And daddy, you look so handsome
Hold me in your arms forever

Suddenly, my heart stops beating
The battle is finally done
God greets me warmly at heaven’s gate
My victory over death is won

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