I thought..?

February 18, 2010
By numbheart21 GOLD, Antipolo, Other
numbheart21 GOLD, Antipolo, Other
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I thought you said goodbye
right before I said hi
but why did you cry out loud,
when I said I fell out of love?

I think of you everyday and night
though I know it's not alright
to dream of you every night
for I thought you said, "It ends tonight"

I tried to move on,
Successfully went on,
So quick to be gone,
Remember? "Our love can't go on."

You are now just a memory
which I cannot ever forget
yet could never lead to a certain regret
'cause I thought you said, "Goodbye, my friend."

But now, why are you there
crying alone in the corner
Cursing me for not loving you
when I thought you said, "I don't deserve you."

You once broke my heart
now I broke yours.
We're fair now my friend.
and this, is the end..

The author's comments:
i wrote it about four years ago, when i was ten (today, i'm just 14 years old..:p ) You must be wondering why i had this kind of thoughts at that young age but as you can see, i wrote it with completely just my imagination.. without any experiences and all.. i thought it was just a normal poem, as in with nothing special attached in it to attract readers, but when i tried to put it in one of my accounts in an internet site, i was surprise that many readers found it good and worth reading for...:) so i wanted to share this amateur piece to others and hopefully gain feedbacks, either good or bad, from them about this poem..:D

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