Tall T

February 17, 2010
By Chickenwings GOLD, Park City, Utah
Chickenwings GOLD, Park City, Utah
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Three men stand on the street
One black
One Mexican
One White
All of them are wearing the same
Bandana with a hat on top of it
Jeans below the knees
And a read tall t that is mid thigh

A lady trips and drops her stuff
All of them men point and laugh
She turns around in tears and shouts
Go back to the hood where you belong

But neither men are from the hood
They live with their parents in Beverly Hills
One dad is a lawyer
And the other dads are doctors
They live in mansions far away poverty

None of the men will have to work
And never will they be poor
They will live lavish lives forever
And they are just posers
Standing on the street trying to look gangster
But they’re just rich boys
Wearing a tall t

The author's comments:
how many people look like something they aren't

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