February 16, 2010
By Tori Knox SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Tori Knox SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Back up Barbie
I wasn’t talking to you
If I was talking to you
I wouldn’t have used words
Like behold, or without
For surely you would think I said two words
Not one BIG one
And all that thinking might make
Your hair fall out
God forbid your hair is not perfect

Excuse you,
I was just trying to walk to my seat
My fleeting moment next to you
Was not a pass to fondle
You double ds
Longing for attention
They never get any
A wrong movement and
Like an overflated balloon

Kinda like you,
Overfilled full of helium
Passed from person to person
Sitting in the back seats of cars

What irony you bring me, Barbie
Your plastic chest like a balloon
Your brain like the helium
Oh, Barbie walk away now
But don’t trip you will
Fall fast you are
Very top heavy.

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