i cry for you.

February 10, 2010
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I cry,
cry for you,
hoping to never see you like this,
i expect the worst possibiltys,
i want you here,
by my side,
never to leave,
i can fell you slipping trough my finger tips.
why would anyone be put through this?
i stand by you,
i hope for you,
Your the one that i know no matter what happends
what i do,
You will love me,
be there,
never leave me.
to keep me standing,
keep my head held high,
i said i will do the same,
So how's this supossed to work,
i never reilezed how much it hurt,
to know one day this will all be gone,
one of us not here,
maybe both,
never to be seen again,
how can you live well knowing the other may die?
i cry for you.
i live for you.
i need you.

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