Behind closed doors

February 10, 2010
She fakes a smile everyday
hoping no one will see her pain
she holds so deep inside
sitting on the bathroom floor
she begins to cry

when she is all alone
tears roll down her face
and stain her pillowcase
seeing nothing on the other side
she wishes she would soon die

hating the world for all it's caused
wishing she could put her life on pause
looking up into a full moon
she finally knows what she has to do
a deep cut into her vain
finally ending all the hurt
and ending all the pain

with her life fading away
she knows she won't be missed
thanking god it's her last day
she closes her eyes for the black abyss

at the funeral on a cold day
looking down where her daughter lay
she begins crying, asking herself
"why didn't i try"
i never saw her pain
i didn't see her hurt
and now she is laying
six feet under dirt

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Francheska said...
Feb. 23, 2010 at 3:49 pm
please comment...thanks for viewing i would appreciate your comments.
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