Your Girlfriend Sleeps in Midtown

February 10, 2010
By , Princeton, NJ
Your girlfriend sleeps in midtown
And we sleep in the Bronx
I can't help myself but feel ashamed
When we smoke in the muggy winter air
Our skin still red
The friction of our encounter

We philosophize with vodka shots
And sloppy caresses, gentle hands
Quivering with rough intentions
And drunken minds speak sober hearts
Yet even in clarity, it all seems so foggy
Like a veil on my brain, what have we done?

I think about her everyday
Her mouse brown hair
Her round face, almond eyes
She dreams about you
While you dream about me
And I dream of nothing but dread

Your fingers are tangled
In the blonde hair all over my face
And it's my name you're saying
My name bursting through your flustered lips
You are well aware, painfully aware
Of what we are doing, we, as guilty lovers

And you'll never leave her
I'd stake my life on that
It makes too much sense
I am nothing anymore except a name
A name haunted by her face
Disembodied, sleeping in the skyline

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