Sitting Under a Tree

February 10, 2010
I'm sitting here,
my head resting on
your chest. "Come on," you say
in a joking way, "stop being such a pest."
I laugh as you laugh with me,
totally unaware as we can possibly be,
loving eachother's company while
a big tree stands by us sweetly.
Our fingers lace as I smile,
wanting to stay here more than awhile.
It's getting darker now but
there's no time limit we will allow.
When you start humming our song,
I start to join in and hum along.
Your smile gets bigger even more,
making me warmer than I was before.
I say, "I love you."
You reply, "I love you too and as long as you're sitting under a tree, looking up at the moon and the stars, I'll always know where you are."

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