Despise it All

February 9, 2010
I hate the way you look at me
As though I'm some stranger you despise
Rather than a friend for years.
I hate the way you turned everything on me
Like I'm the one at fault
Like I'm the one who should be shoved to the side
Like a disposable bottle.
I hate the way you reacted over something untrue
Over something that you assumed rather than asked.
Over something that didn't even really have anything
to do with me, but more with your paranoia.
I hate the way never seem to listen to me anymore
Like I'm the untrustworthy one
Like I'm the one messing with your head.
I hate the way you act like only you can get hurt
And that no one else's pain matters.
Like you're the only person allowed to be mad.
I hate the way you cut me so easily out your life
Like I was worthless
Like you never knew who I was.
I hate the way you made me think that I could trust you
Like you cared.
Especially, when you probably leaked every
Secret I ever told you to the sneakiest
And most deceiving person I know.
Most of all, I hate the way you seemed
to understand me so much
But in the end, it turned out to all
be a giant lie.

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Lily said...
Mar. 1, 2010 at 12:36 pm
You have expressed your thoughts and emotions so well, that I could almost feel your pain.
I hope that you feel better over this situation soon.
illy said...
Mar. 1, 2010 at 11:28 am
Some wonderfully expressed. It hurts now, but it does get easier.
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