To Distant Shores

February 9, 2010
By Anonymous

And when you soar to distant shores
Remember I sit here, reaching forward
Waiting, watching, searching, wanting
Reaching forward, leaning back.

My nights are long
My world is wide
Waves catapult with the tumultuous tide
Listening to a thunderous crash
Lights flash in the dim, starless sky.

I finally see moments clearly.
Though they lead me far from you
And your warm and guilty home
With paths illuminated by sleepless nights and drunken dreams
Neon lights and broken moonbeams,

There is comfort in the cold
And purpose in the pain
For from loss comes love
And from love comes regret
And from regret comes knowledge
And from knowledge comes wisdom
And suddenly I am old.

But you remain forever young
Smiling on your distant shore
Just out of reach
Slightly less real
Smiling on some distant shore.

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