A Choke-hold On Love

February 8, 2010
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Hurt and hope gripping my heart and soul;
making it completely impossible to let go.
Searching every explanation and reason I can find,
why you seem to think we can't even try.
With the decision made I would have to agree;
but when will you accept that if it was meant to be, it will be.

Inferior at times you seem to feel;
comparing your life to mine as if it's unreal.
"Your thoughts are always so deep," he said to me.
It's really only because I allow my mind to wander so freely.
A fantasy, fairy tale, your wildest dreams have come true;
hold on tight, here we go, this is the start of me and you.

So afraid that you just might steal away my youth;
but there isn't much this wise young woman hasn't gone through.
For love I would wait an eternity, no problems with taking it slow.
Why rush, lets wait, and enjoy the moments as they come and go.
For you, I leave my heart on this page in black and white.
I'm done giving up and giving in; this time I wont leave without a fight.

For when the rose blossoms into something like you've never seen,
it can catch you by surprise as if that's how it's always been.
The radiant beauty is like something sent from above;
wanting to keep it for yourself like a choke-hold on love.

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