The Monster

February 8, 2010
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tiny baby
helpless and pure
entirely unaware
of the invading monster inside his body

brooded within the first weeks of development
no one can stop it
no one can see it

the monster has hidden itself ever so completely
so that it can roam free
without an ounce
of guilt

it rips apart the insides
it destroys its host
a leach that refuses to let go

it must be an indescribable wonder
how such a monster
can reside in such a beautiful baby
such an innocent baby

but that's the thing
the monster doesn't care who its prey is
the monster doesn’t care who its hurting

it has no conscience
and it has no feelings
it is no more than a matter of cancerous tissue

metastasizing throughout an infant's body
killing cells that had only recently been created
ruining the life of a child, so new to this world

this in itself is like a murder

and yet a child is born
defenseless and unprepared
for the challenge he is about to face

only a few weeks old
and this child must wear armor
armor better suited for the old

those who have been places
those who have met people
those who have lived

these are the people who wear the armor
but instead
a child must

a child whose parents protect him
at any cost
and love him

but this
this is something foreign
something only a doctor can cure

parents who serve as the fortress
the safe haven
must become stronger

stronger than before
stronger than the cancer
strong enough to leave when necessary

even when the pain of hearing
their child cry out their names
and walking away from the hospital crib

is easier than putting him
through eight hours of radiation treatment

because just the sight of their faces
makes the infant cry
for them
to be held
by them

because just a slight move
by the child
forces the nurse
to start all over

unable to speak
for himself
the child
silently shouts,
“Let Go. Let Go. Let. Go!!!
Please just let go of me!!”

the parents
able to speak
silently scream,
“Let Go! Let Go! Let. Go!!!
Just let go of our son!!”


sacrifices were made
tears were cried
hours were spent
saving his life

and one day
it let go


these were all
the emotions
going through
his family’s minds

a long while
this child would live
and grow
into a man

before the monster
came back

he started
a prosperous business

and married
a beautiful woman

and fathered
two wonderful girls
but one awful day
the man
got the news

he had cancer

and so
the man put on his armor

but this time
it was not for an infant
it was for an adult

he fought the monster
with much vigor
now knowing
what he was fighting for

many doctor’s appointments
many surgeries
many tears
many prayers

the man had fought the monster

and although the monster
had only entered
their lives
for a short while

the monster not only
the man
but his daughter
as well

the monster left
a lasting impression
on the girl

more of
a nightmare

that will be
cast out of her sleep

but for now
all the girl
can do

is thank God
for helping
her father
fight the monster

and pray
that the monster
will never
come back

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