It will never be the way it was

February 15, 2010
By Sportschic GOLD, Stillwater, Minnesota
Sportschic GOLD, Stillwater, Minnesota
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I guess she used to be someone else once. I guess we all were.

Her world, will never be the way it was.

Now she's running from that fact.

She wants it back.

Back to the way it was.

Back when she knew what was going on.

Back when she knew who to trust.

Back when she knew her friends, and her enemies.

Back when she knew how it was supposed to be.

Back to when everything was black and white,

and things were easy to differentiate.

Back when things weren't blurred by other things,

like love, or hate.

she wants to know who to trust and who to hate.

the girls here, just don't like it when people know.

We'd rather play the games,

because that makes things interesting.

The world that she wholly loved.

It won't ever be the way it was.

Now she's running from that fact.

She needs a get away, a reason to drive far away from here. She's memorized to roads, and all the people she's rather leave behind.

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