Into My Eyes

February 15, 2010
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Look into my eyes: tell me what you see. A lonely little girl just like me. A girl that aches to be loved and needed; but the world ignores her screams for help, she never recieves it. She sits in the corner scared to move because she's afraid of the life she can lose. Her wounds and cuts are sure to heal and time but what about her ill and disturbed mind? Her heart is bleeding she is no longer believing that there is hope for her. She ends her cries for help and settles in her little corner of life, her life is now a box that is bound to explode anyday. Her family doesn't hear her screams, her boyfriend doesn't realize her dreams, her friends no longer believe and she desperatly wants to believe life is not as it seems. Her fake smiles and laughter are just a front but soon her body can no longer stunt. So when will the world open their eyes and not think this is some awfyul surprise? When will the world look into my eyes and realize that I'm the lonely little girl you don't see inside!

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