Friendship is Eternal

February 15, 2010
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Yours was not the first hand I clutched bawling
Nor the first pair of warm eyes gazing down at me
But miles cannot deter the strong hands of fate
As we were thrust together, hearts beating unanimously

We learned to ride our bikes and skinned our knees
And mastered the art of mischief in the school
Freckles splattered your face and my bangs grew
And we shared floaters in the swimming pool

And time ventured on but we stayed frozen within
With cheap beer and piercing and midnight strolls

Sweet smelling smoke erasing all our worries and doubts
And proud, fiery defiance to ease our anxious souls

Feeding the baby, harried and looking for work
Chewed fingernails to the stump and frantic eyes
Ten-minute phone calls every day to keep that spark
Before that old childhood friendship burns and dies

Then the clock’s running out and the past is a memory
Its poker chips and soft peas and worn out photographs
Mocking our youthful hearts that beat together so lively
Holding wrinkled hands and forever sharing our laughs

Born friends, and die the same we shall

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