Leaving (Snows Still Stuck On The Tree Lines / Part Three)

February 14, 2010
By alexisdevonne GOLD, Johnson City, Tennessee
alexisdevonne GOLD, Johnson City, Tennessee
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Snow flurries
Dandruff in mahogany
Keys in the ignition

She’s already gone

Her flight a tribute to sludge tracks on cement
Snows still stuck in the tree lines darling
Its too warm on the ground

If you love someone….
Let her go
You have
You did

She’s already gone

Gone like
Love, luck, and hope
Like your heart still at her feet
And the peace in your eyes

You’re the notes in her glove compartment
Scripted ‘I love yous’
The kisses left on her lips
The cup of capitalistic tea between the seats

Living in the slanted script lines of her poetry
Mirrored in the tracked tears down your face

Keys in the Ignition

You left with her
You were taken with her

She’s already gone

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