Hello, my name is imperfection...

February 4, 2010
By antiquity SILVER, White Oak, Texas
antiquity SILVER, White Oak, Texas
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Hello my name is Imperfection.
I have two left feet but a heart of gold,
I trip over everything, a klutz to behold.

I rarely style my hair at night,
I have horrible depth perception.
And yet I have an admirer,
And many great conceptions.

Unlike the prep girls as I call them,
I don’t paint up my face,
But appearances don’t matter,
My mind is my real place.

My clothes often don’t match,
They are threadbare and worn,
But I can draw like the best of them,
And I can write all the morn.

I’m not very athletic,
I can’t serve a ball,
But I can solve a math problem,
And I can take a call.

Many people make fun,
Of my precarious ways,
But look at who’s happy,
For all of her days.

I am obsessively clean,
I have my books color coded,
But my journals and notebooks,
Will one day be world noted.

I love spending time alone,
With the closest of my friends,
But according to the prep girls,
My boring life will never end.

I love my life you see,
I don’t care what they say,
My name is imperfection,
To the very last day.

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