The Other Way

February 4, 2010
I was curious to see what lies beyond,
I sought what wasn’t mine to seek
All my life has been routine,
Amongst the languid and the meek

All my life, I’ve followed examples
Taught to turn the other cheek
Always I’ve been the loyal dog
I cringed away, I’ve felt so weak

The lights go out, the world shall slumber
While heading home, i manage to turn
Theres another way home, a new way in
A new way for me to learn

No ones looking, i head with hope
Hope to live, hope to evolve
Its my turn, I shall lead my own soul
and oh! the mysteries i plan to solve

Something alluring comes from the other way,
It drags me in, i start to run
I’m being followed, my heart escalates in pace
but ah! ‘twas naught but the vigilant sun

The sun is warm, I feel euphoric
the path is risky yet amiable, the road is short
I reached a river, the road now extinct
I’m a pioneer, successful though the way was tort.

The other way, led to my protectorate
The society that will be built of adoration
Here shall lay my legacy,
I shall die, or go the other way, to salvation.

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