February 3, 2010
Alice tried to remember
Who had given her the key.
That gold, shapely thing
In her pocket.
That thing that she longed to
Know where it belonged;
Who it belonged to.
That thing that felt so
foreign in her pocket.

Alice thought back to
The time she received the key.
That party she drank
Too much at.
That party where she met
That guy who she gave
Everything to.
That party that caused so much
Trouble in her life.

Alice wondered about
Her future.
That house she has to
Pay for.
That stress of being a
Single mother.
That mistake that
Changed her life.

Alice reminisced back to
When her life got turned
Back to that key that she never
found the right lock for;
Back to that boy she thought
She loved;
Back to that mistake that
Turned out to be the most
Precious miracle in her life;

Alice looked at her daughter.
That daughter that forced her to
Grow up.
That daughter that caused her to
Smile in a new way.
That daughter that she would
Never let go.
That daughter that would be
Her best friend for the rest of her life-
That new life she would always remember.

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