A Fairy Tale

February 3, 2010
By KellyAnnnn PLATINUM, Middle Island, New York
KellyAnnnn PLATINUM, Middle Island, New York
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Once upon a time,
My heart, mind, and soul were once a frozen stone.
Love was merely a hollow word heard in songs

And stories and poems.
Love was not real. A child’s fantasy. A sweet dream.
A human heart is only a muscle that bloods your veins.
It has not brain. No mind. No emotions.
Why is it then that when you’re with me, my heart flies
And when you’re gone, my heart aches?
Maybe, just maybe, it is because I Love You.

I use that hollow word in truth.
Maybe my head talks to my heart.
Maybe it knows I can’t bear to live without you.

Maybe it shows that I just love to be around you.
My frozen stone is melting and beating once more.
My frozen mind fills with lifting, thawing thoughts of you.

My frozen soul is one with you.
Once upon a time, Love was just a word

A myth,

A lie,

A child’s fairy tale story.
Then somehow, myth became reality.

And we all lived happily ever after…

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