To be let down

February 3, 2010
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To be let down

is to be forgotten

To be let down

is to be backstabbed and left rotten

lied to

To be let down

is to sign on and have no one to talk to

because the only person you wanna speak to is away

with someone else sweeped off their feet and swayed

To be let down

is to have someone say they care for you

when they don't even want you patting them on the back when they cough

To be let down

is to see someone you cherish

someones lips you want to press on yours on your own merit

pressed on the nip on somebodies neck

a neck that isn't yours, are you sure you even want that anymore?

To be let down

is to be there the whole time with your heart and arms wide

talked to them when they cried at anytime



any rhyme

no treason

listening to them scream and holler all season

and you stay there for one reason

L O V E got you swayed

with no repercustions you stayed

but in a matter of a month and a half

you get played!

and never have the other person realize

with their eyes

that you have feelings

that exist in real life

and it's like nothing else in life goes right

day or night

To be let down

is to fall so hard and have no one to pick you up and you're left smothered

because the one that you always picked up got picked up by another

To be let down

is to be dissapointed

ignored and complacent in a place so adjacent

scratch the floors pacing, and leave your mind angry and racing

To be let down

is to not have two eyes to see

so to be let down

is what it's like to be me

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