February 3, 2010
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Last night I had a nightmare.
It seemed so vivid and clear, like life itself.
Never before had I had a dream when I was scared within it.
School was an over-dramatic struggle.
Too difficult was it to succeed the day;
I went astray far too often.
Not only were the academics tedious,
My social life became complex.
The only thing that got me through the sorrowful day were the simple proverbs,
“Every cloud has its silver lining”
And “The night is always darkest before the dawn.”
But where’s my silver lining?
When does the dawn come?

The final school bell rings.
Walking towards my bus, there’s a deafening beep,
Signaling an announcement…
“Will the Principal—“
It’s unimportant to me.
Climbing on the bus, excited for my favorite part of the day:
Listening to music and reading;
I enjoy them both… more than I ever thought I would.
Thirty minutes later; it’s my bus stop.
Preparing a snack, I look over my homework.
Far too much science, once again I have make-up work…

Hours later, I’m finally done.
It’s time for leisure and television.
Although, when I pick up the remote,
The day starts over as if I had just awoken.
I woke up from my nightmare startled.
Right then I realized it wasn’t a nightmare,
Not even a mere dream.
It was a projection of my

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