Yellow Wallpaper

February 2, 2010
Seldom do I find myself ordinary
Haunted perhaps
A strange ghostliness
Little hated things
Like windows
Exhaust me outrageously

Evenings are fretful rings of moonlight
Faded eyes are at the gate
Whitewashed weakness
False relief lies in the shaking improper woman
As she smoothly creeps over

At the head of the stairs
Heavily she breathes
Mindless to the extreme
She climbs
Eyes white

She laughs at me
For now I am the one behind the paper

Though, what if
What if just maybe
(just maybe)
This was all just the nightmare I use to live in?
The ghost that followed, just the conscious telling me where to go
How to go
The paper just the proof of my fears
Of my cage

“No longer shall I be caged!” I screamed in rage.
Clawing at the woman’s already disturbing face
Axe in hand I swung
Swung again
Again and again I attacked with no prevail
The woman just stood there
Her face smiling

This angered me further
So I swung one last time
Yelling, “You can not control me any longer!”

Finally the axe met her neck
Creating a huge gash
The blood was impossible to stop
She fell to the ground within seconds
Finally gone
I was finally free of the cage

Or so I thought
The walls around me started to close in
Her corpse arose with that horrible smirk across her face
I froze unable to move
How could one who died right in front of me, by my own hands, be alive?
How could she be…

Towards me she came
Her feet no longer on the ground
The woman was hovering just a few inches
Just a few
But I saw
I saw those few inches

Axe in hand she swung
I started to run
No place to go
The walls were just closing in
Oh that cursed paper!

No matter how hard I tried I could not break free
I screamed and no sound came out
I wished for matches, for maybe a fire could release me from this horrid place?
Nothing worked
There was no way out
The walls were so tight
The woman was so close
Death creeped around the corner
The woman swung at me
And I became the ghost that followed

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