February 1, 2010
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You surpass me in age, with wisdom too
I’ve been seeing all these people that remind me of you
They’ve all come to console and bid me understanding
But the one that matters is not the one standing

You’ve touched so many people, I’m afraid some wont fit
Inside the parlor lobby that was poorly lit
They talk of the times, about good and droll
We soon arrive at the grassy knoll

The vehicle arrives and I live through something unimaginable
the boys carried you over in a way I thought nonviable
Eventually we must say goodbye and learn to discern
But it’s not time, no, its not my turn

Every nice since I lay awake crying
about something I may have been implying
This is too much for me, I cannot see the light
Every day feels like a struggle, a draconian fight

I lag not far behind but time will go on
My family’s shoulder I believe I may rest upon
These days seem shallow and lack with meaning
I miss you darling, you've left nothing but a feeling

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