Faded Innocence

February 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Step by step, I'll finish what I started.
I won't run away any more.
No more running, no more hiding.
Time to face what I left behind.

Ghosts cross my path.
Ghosts of yesterday.
Running past me in pig tails and yellow flats.
Skipping past me with such innocence.

They fade.
Another agonizing step toward my past.
The one I have succeeded to block out of my eternal memory.
Lifting my hand to hold onto air, only to put my hands on my knees to catch myself.

For no one is here to catch me now.
No one is left to hold me.
Been letting go of this for far too long and holding on to what I have now.
This is where my innocence faded...

I knock.

The author's comments:
There was this girl at school that I saw one time that looked so depressed. And she ended up in one of my classes sitting next to me and there were pictures on her planner of her as a little girl. But she looked so different with long sleeves on her arms

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