I Wish To...

February 1, 2010
Tired of all these times of sitting,
I wish to get up and freely run
Disappearing from this spoiled spot.
I wish to go find my place in the sun,
Leaving my footprints behind to rot.
I wish to explore implausible mountain heights,
And look down into a sea of infinite terrain.
I wish to be surrounded by a blanket of lights,
Standing in the center of a desert plain.
I wish to stumble upon an ancient grave,
And encounter the remnants of old treasures.
I wish to climb the depths of a sunken cave
That are impossible to measure.
I wish to sprint the lengths of the Amazon,
And see the precious, colorful birds on the way.
I wish to see green islands bloom along the horizon
In the blue, mystical mirrors of the bay.
I wish to do all these things yet more
Only in just one single place.
I wish to close the door
And discover my breathing space.
Tired was I, I said before, just sitting, just waiting.
Tired am I not at all, now sitting here and creating.

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