January 31, 2010
What good is it
If you think something great
And out it wrong comes

You look at someone
Straight in the eyes
And they have the most amazing eyes ever
And you just stare
Tilt you head a little to the left
And just stare
And you completely forgot that you were going to tell them that
You think they are the most amazing person ever
So instead you udder,
As a little bitty
Teeny tiny
Small as could be
Drop of drool
Inches its way out of your mouth
And that person
The person of your dreams
Looks at you in absolute horror
And quickly turn
And walks away
And you’re still standing there
Then you realize that you
Haven’t breathed in the past few minutes
And you figure out that you’ve lost them
And you become
Scatterbrained even than more before

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