Every Night

January 31, 2010
Every night, I lie in bed
And wonder what you're up to
Every time, wishing that
I could be there with you

Summer just keeps dragging on
Making me feel even more alone
Wishing I was in your arms
The only place I feel at home

Not knowing what you're doing
Not knowing how you are
Always leaves me feeling lost
And wishing you weren't so far

Every night, I lie in bed
I can't help but wonder why
After each time I talk to you
It hurts me just to say goodbye

Help me to understand
What it is about you
That always keeps you on my mind
No matter what I do

Tell me that you understand
And you feel the same way
The same way that I seem to feel
Each and every day

Every night, I lie in bed
Wishing you were with me
By my side so that I
Could just make you see

Every night, I pray to God
Hoping that I could be brave
To take the one thing in life
That I have always craved

Every night, it's always you
The only thought that makes me sad
Every night, it's always you
And your love I wish I had

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