Let it All out

January 31, 2010
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I learned from my mistakes and gain wisdom from the wise. Through my years of youth I discovered that one person can't ruin the world. But the world can ruin one person. That an opinion doesn't reach the ears of a nation. But a sure fact affects it. That the betrayal of a friendship doesn't just by pass. But seeks vengence on the betrayer.That an emo doesn't slit there rist for the fun of it. But because they don't know any other way to mend there troubles.That saying I love you doesn't change the thoughts of a suicidal. But showing it does. That hitting your loved one doesn't show a sign of affection. But shows that you have the mentality that you can rule them with your fist. That giving therapy to a girl that has had her innocence taken by her father doesn't fix anything.But just a a reminder of where she is in life and why. That making fun of the girl in school with the messed up shoes doesn't only make her hurt. But it's something in you that you can only express by hurting others. That your parents aren't willing to make sacrifices with money for the sake of there child's dreams. But they don't know that it makes her want to give up every day.That because you don't do the work the teacher gives you the teacher thinks you don't care. But really you are scared to be anything other than ignorant to the knowledge she attempts to give you. That when your young and someone brakes your heart you think that you'll never find love again.But love takes prayer and it was taken away from you because you forgot about the person who granted it to you. That God can't always bless you with answers. But sometimes you have to read between the lines that he sets in front of you. That killing yourself won't fix that broken heart. But it will brake the hearts of others. That sometimes bottling your feelings up drives you insane. But sometimes it is better to let it all out by screaming the words that you yearn to say. That sometimes words out of your mouth don't last long in the minds of others. But writing it down helps you and the lost memories of others.

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