Rose on My Grave

January 30, 2010
I have lived my life to the fullest
I don’t regret a thing
And is my time
For people to shed a tear for me
Life will go on
Even when mine has stopped
But now I’m old and weary
Its time to think of my death plot
But one thing is for sure
On the day I die and people stand and cry
I want someone close to me
To put a rose on my grave
A single little rose
Set on my grave
And for to wonder
Why a little thing will make me smile
All I want is a rose on my grave
A silly thing to ask for
But a decision I have made
One rose
On my grave
Is all I want when die
Life will go on
Even when mine stops
But one I know
Is when I die?
And every one will cry
I will not regret
A thing I have ever done
And show I want
A rose
A rose on my grave...

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