Haunting Lullabies

January 30, 2010
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Are normally sweet.
Sickly sweet.
Their intimate melodies sweeping,
The night-ridden halls,
Searching for a tired mind,
Devoid of sleep.

They snake through,
The furnished hall,
Like an untamed spirit,
Seeming to create darkness,
Within every crevice,
It seeps over,
Until it reaches me,
And envelopes me.

Now I lay,
Beneath the sheets,
The music caressing my mind,
With it's cool, unwanted fingers,
I shy away from it's sound,
Haunting me.

Within my ears,
The melody changes,
Changes to one that is sad,
And terrible, that has
Hidden meanings,
Within it's minor key.

It brings out the fear,
Felt by me.
A frightened child,
Fearing the surrounding,
Constricting night.

An unexplained tear,
Slides from my closed eye,
As my consciousness falls,
Sleep befalling me,
The lullaby remaining,
Locked in my head.

I realize I prefer the silence.

Just Silence.

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