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January 30, 2010
By emi-chan GOLD, Brownsville, Texas
emi-chan GOLD, Brownsville, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
the world ended when you said nothing

I remember it like it was yesterday,
When I would never see him after that day.
Had I known he would leave me,
I would’ve held on more to his sleeve.
I was six when I saw him put staples in his hand,
I didn’t do anything but watch; I was in a trance.
He always said, “Hate isn’t bad,
It’s who says it the one that’s bad.”
He always smiled every day, smiling,
But knowing him, inside he was crying.
‘Everyone loved him’, I thought,
But his parents seem to hate him a lot.
I would hear them yell at him saying they hate him,
What kid wants to hear that their flesh didn’t want him to live.
We always rode the bus together,
I thought we’d be having fun like this forever.
It was my stop when I say his house,
When I saw the huge crowd.
There was ambulance at his place,
I looked for him in the crowd, but no trace.
There I saw the bed for a kid,
Looking at it was making me more and more sick.
Then I knew this would’ve happened,
Because I noticed his, THE change.
He’d always say “Bye! See ya later!”
But this time I saw the look that said ‘life isn’t fair’.
But why didn’t he say this would happen,
Not even one word of it from him.
I remember it like it was yesterday,
When I would never see him after that day.
I will never forget his sad face,
It’s a thing in mind that I’ll never erase.
Sure, it’s painful to remember him like that,
But it was his only different face: sad.
I thought after that the world is cold,
If you don’t wanna get hurt, do what you’re told.
Losing a friend when I was that little,
Makes me cry every time I whistle.
He taught me how to whistle and he taught me sadness,
So I whistle when I think of him, it now feels more like a sin.
Thinking of him makes me stressed and feel helpless,
I start blaming myself since I didn’t notice.
Maybe if I noticed sooner he’d be with me today,
And not six feet under in a grave.

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