January 28, 2010
Clack, clack, clack, up the ramp.
Standing at the end of the queue.
Like the ride, my bone quake
Beneath my sun-soaked skin.
Brave souls line up, take their chance
On this mind-boggling twist of fear.
Protruding eyes and sweaty palms
Reach out toward me, as if they know.
A sudden lurch, butterflies tickle my gut.
So close now, no time to turn back,
But my legs won’t move, will not push me fourth.
Push from behind, throws me forward.
“All aboard the death trap!” Belted down,
Strapped in like an estranged criminal.
Clack, clack, clack, Up and away towards the sky.
This could be my destiny, forever up and away.
Whoosh! Down to the ground, free-falling.
Grasping out, gasping, needing to feel, screaming.
Around a bend, swooping round and round.
Stomach in my chest and tear-stung eyes.
A voice inside cries, “Get me out.”
Barely audible over the metallic howls.
Hands in the air all around surround
That contrast the white-knuckles beneath.
The coaster slows, stops short at the gate.
A twisting ride of fate.

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