Un-named poem # 2.

January 27, 2010
I've always known my lips would meet the taste of hell upon death.
It's fire, its heat, its burn.
My forgotten conscience has made sure of it
As well as the lies I was able to tell with out it there

Your lips sugar coat the journey,
Make it go down faster
Easier to swallow
Lust is such an easy sin

Envy how ever is not
The green monster bit
Tore at my skin
Made me wish I had him instead

I couldn’t help the anger
It came rash red
Impulsive and beautiful
The only thing I’d let myself feel

My gluttony was disgusting
I filled empty space with sugar and fat
I'd rather indulge than forget my ravenous needs
After the fact, I'd simply slip my finger down my throat

More often than not
Greed took more than I ever would’ve asked for
Twisting my requests like a genie
Rude smoldering karma slaps us for such unneeded need

Sloth came to sweetly in the presence of sleep
I’d just close my eyes for a moment
Having no more intentions than to lay and soak in the sun
Tired soft and lazy

In my defense, I’d never been proud
Never vain enough to take part in such a sin
Perhaps it was my lack of self confidence
That led me so often to rely on the others

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