New Beginning

January 27, 2010
By Casey14 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Casey14 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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When all is falling, when you are dancing on the edge of everything, if you willing to follow your dream but people put you down do it anyways.

Today she has a smile on her face, and she doesn't really know why.
Everyone ask her why she is so happy lately these days.
All she tells them is that someone she cares a lot about made her stop and think
about the way she was living her life.
Now her crystal blue eyes seem to be the clearest
that they have ever been.
Come to think about it they have never been this clear in her entire life.
Until now.

She began to think about why they had changed from the cloudy, and hazed over eyes.
Why, because she was letting go of her past.
She was starting over, a new beginning.
Without him making her think about the way she was living her life, she would have ended up killing herself many months ago.
He made her think about how great life is if she would just give life a chance.
He gave her a chance to start over,
and now she has a new beginning

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